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Electric scooter Spokey VOLVER+:

  • develops a top speed of 20 km/h* and allows you to travel a distance of up to 22 km*,
  • is equipped with cruise control, kick stand, console displaying current speed, gear and battery level and quick folding system,
  • has a full spectrum of lighting (front, rear and reflectors), with which the rider is always visible to other road users,
  • excellent shock absorption when riding on uneven surfaces.
Spokey VOLVER+ scooter is designed for people looking for an ideal solution to move around the city without standing in traffic jams. This model is made with the highest attention to the details. It meets all requirements and standards concerning quality, safety and is 100% compliant with current legislation. It reaches a speed of even 20 km/h in third gear, and with a charged battery it covers a distance of as much as 18 km* in third gear and 22 km* in second gear!

The best way to ride around town

Moving around on the VOLVER+ is child's play and loads of fun. It is a very twisty and agile electric scooter. It has three gears:
  • 1st gear - maximum speed of 10 km/h*,
  • 2nd gear - maximum speed of 15 km/h*, distance travelled up to 22 km*.
  • 3rd gear - maximum speed of 20 km/h*, covered distance up to 18 km*.
Thanks to this, electric scooter Spokey VOLVER+ is an excellent, ecological alternative to cars and bicycles - it will become your favourite means of transport to work, school or to the store. No matter where you plan to go, when you reach your destination, you can quickly fold its handlebars and comfortably carry it with you, for example on the stairs or in the elevator.

Set cruise control and save battery with Kick Start function

Spokey VOLVER+ is a very compact scooter that doesn't take up much space, and its super-lightweight design allows you to take it with you literally anywhere. Small size and weight provide excellent turning and agility while riding. The cruise control is also an unquestionable advantage, which allows you to set a constant speed. You can control it on the LED display, which also indicates the battery status and the current gear. Another enhancement is the Kick Start feature, which saves your battery! How it works? Simply put the scooter in motion by pushing off the ground.

Stay visible in all conditions

Electric scooter Spokey VOLVER+ is equipped with two reliable brakes, which make it easy to control speed - electric manual in the form of handlebars and rear foot brake. With full spectrum lighting (front white led, rear red led and reflectors) the rider is always visible on the road for all road users. After all, VOLVER+ is an eco-friendly, collision-free means of transport designed for fast travel over long distances with maximum safety.

Comfort and safety

VOLVER+ is a proven way to avoid all the crowded places and traffic jams. Users appreciate it for its full 8" diameter rubber wheels, which provide adequate torsion, agility and grip to the ground. Together with the soft suspension with springs in the front part of the scooter, elements that cushion any bumps that appear on the road, you can enjoy a pleasant ride on the sidewalk or a path with bumps. The shock absorption is perfect for reducing vibrations while moving over uneven surfaces.

The simplest ways to save battery and extend the range:

  • avoid discharging the battery to zero,
  • recharge the battery periodically at least once a month and only when the scooter is switched off,
  • use the original charger included in the package,
  • before you start, before you turn on the engine, set the scooter in motion by pushing off the ground,
  • start in 1st gear,
  • smoothly increase speed, and on uphill climbs assist the engine by pushing off,
  • avoid large temperature differences during use and continuous riding at maximum speed.
  • range and speed of electric scooters are given as maximum values. They depend on real world conditions such as ambient temperature, weight, wind speed, slope, battery condition, type of surface and riding technique.

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More Information
SKU 941047
Weight [kg] 12.000000
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Width [cm] 19

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