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Spokey FREESPO inline skates hard shell with a removable, well-ventilated liner made of a foam material in the shape of a honeycomb triple fastening with two buckles and laces. This allows for the optimal fit of the shoe to the foot and ensures safety during fast slalom, city skating and freeskating! aluminum skid, cut with a CNC technique, which ensures maximum durability and strength, high-class ABEC9 Chrome bearings, a versatile inline skate, dedicated to both fast, dynamic freestyle and recreational skating, but also to start your adventure with skating, while maintaining safety, thanks to excellent technical parameters. Excellent control and stability while skating Spokey FREESPO skates are a combination of total skate comfort and the best technical parameters. The use of a hard shell, made of PP * (highly flexible polypropylene), fastened with two buckles (the upper classic one and the lower one with a clamp pump) and laces, ensures optimal fit of the shoe to the foot. This reduces the risk of injury and at the same time allows you to perfectly control maneuvers and turns while skating. The design of the Freespo also eliminates the beginners mistakes e.g. ankle valgus. Convenience and safety FREESPO has a removable, profiled liner made of a honeycomb-shaped material with increased breathability, which increases the quality of use and improves the transmission of heat and humidity. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable ride for many hours! The hard shell prevents the feet from moving during dynamic maneuvers. FREESPO are low-slung skates with a relatively short frame, so they are even easier to maneuver! With such a model, inline skating will become your favorite physical activity. You choose your skating style! Freespo is an inline skate that will be appreciated by both advanced and beginner skaters. It will be perfect for recreational riding, slalom or freestyle in the city or skatepark. A skid is a very important element of our skates. In Freespo, it was made of aluminum using a special CNC technique, which results in a very low weight of the model and exceptional durability of this element. FREESPO are equipped with PUC wheels, i.e. cast polyurethane with optimal hardness for recreational as well as dynamic, freestyle (82A) riding. To facilitate body balancing and increase agility while riding, the FREESPO model uses different wheels dimensions depending on the selected size: s. 36-39 - wheels 76 × 24 mm, s. 40-45 - circles 80 × 24 mm. The culmination of the quality of Spokey FREESPO skates are ABEC9 Chrome bearings, which, thanks to the highest precision of workmanship, ensure excellent durability and allow you to develop high speeds. They are also equipped with ANTISHOCK, a heel liner that absorbs vibrations when jumping and riding on difficult surfaces (e.g. cobblestones). Thanks to all FREESPO parameters you will feel maximum comfort while skating. Technical data frame: aluminum CNC bearings: ABEC9 Chrome wheels: 82A PUC wheelw size: 76x24 mm p. 36-39, 80x24 mm p. 40-44 material: PP liner: profiled fasteners: two-section buckle, laces in accordance with the standard: EN 13843 SIZE CHART* SIZE INSOLE LENGTH 36/37 23 cm 38/39 24,5 cm 40/41 26 cm 42/43 27,6 cm 44/45 29,1 cm * follow the table when choosing your inline skates. The size markings on the package may differ from those given above. The length of the inole remains the same, e.g. for sizes 38 and 39 it is the same.

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More Information
SKU 929411-1
Weight [kg] 3.084000
Shipping Type standard
Color Black
Manufacturer SPOKEY
Size 38-39
Box length [cm] 65.5
Box hight [cm] 36.5
Box width [cm] 50.5
Width [cm] 13

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