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Gymnastic ball with insets to massage and with pump Spokey HALF FIT

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Gymnastic ball with a massage part Spokey HALF FIT:

  • it is a perfect replacement for a chair, as sitting on it forces the correct posture,
  • it has an Anti-Burst system, which means that in the event of a puncture of the ball, a gradual release of air takes place,
  • can be used during exercises and activities stimulating blood circulation - one part has a smooth surface, the other has been equipped with massage insets,
  • allows the spine to rest during long hours spent in the office or at home in front of the computer,
  • comes with a handy pump that allows you to quickly and conveniently inflate the ball.
The Spokey HALF FIT gymnastic ball is made of a material that reduces slipping. This effect is additionally supported by the stripes running through the circumference of the ball and the insets on its half. Their task is to stimulate blood circulation and massage the body, which leads to faster muscle regeneration! In the gymnastic ball with the Spokey HALFFIT massage part, the Anti-Burst system is used, which means that in the event of a ball puncture, the air is gradually released. This is extremely important for the safety of the exerciser who gains time to react (getting off the ball).

Exercise, rest and stimulate blood circulation with the gym ball

Spokey HALF FIT is a ball that provides excellent support during universal development activities. It is also a great replacement for a chair at home or in the office - sitting on it forces the correct posture. The HALF FIT gym ball also develops the sense of balance. That is why it can be used not only during exercise or as a rehabilitation ball, but also as a seat that allows the spine to rest during long hours spent in the office or at home in front of a computer. The part with insets, even with small movements, will additionally stimulate blood circulation.

Comes with a handy pump

The use of a gym ball is a great way to diversify your training. One part of Spokey HALF FIT has a smooth surface, the other is equipped with massage insets. This combination allows you to use the ball both during training and activities that stimulate blood circulation. Seemingly easy exercises bring great results. They will help you sculpt your figure, develop healthy habits and keep fit. It can be safely used for training in which the contact with the ground is limited (e.g. in a hand support). The set with the ball includes a handy pump, which you can quickly and conveniently inflate the ball.

Simple and effective training for everyone

The Spokey HALF FIT anti-slip gymnastic ball which allows you to perform exercises that are very simple for beginners, do not require intensity for seniors and are perfect for people after injuries. It can be successfully used during rehabilitation. Training with the use of the ball does not burden the joints, improves balance and strengthens muscles. It is also perfect for meditation and toning. What more can you ask for? All you need is a bit of free space to start exercising at home.

How to choose the size of the gymnastic ball?

Spokey HALF FIT has been prepared in three sizes: 55 cm, 65 cm and 75 cm in diameter. In order to maximize the effects of exercise, choose the ball diameter according to your height:
  • diameter 55 cm - height of 150 - 165 cm,
  • diameter 65 cm - height of 160 - 175 cm,
  • diameter 75 cm - height of 175 - 190 cm.
The angle between the thighs and the upper body and the angle between the thighs and calves should be at least 90 degrees with the feet flat on the ground for best results when sitting on the ball. Remember that the hip joint should be higher than the knee while resting, and that the angle between the upper body and thighs should exceed 90 degrees.

More Information

More Information
SKU 929872
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Manufacturer SPOKEY
Size 55 CM
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Box width [cm] 26.5
Width [cm] 11

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