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Spokey GRADIOR + magnetic bike:

  • is a real hit of home training with excellent technical parameters: in addition to standard functions, it has a quick fat burning system (Body FAT), heartbeat control system (HRC), power control (WATT), 8 programs and an additional user and 1 manual,
  • enables optimal adjustment of the settings to the user's own needs and height, with an adjustable saddle both vertically and horizontally and with the function of modifying the angle of the handlebar,
  • is equipped with a system of safe deceleration, i.e. smooth slowing down of rotations when finishing the training,
  • has an 8 kg flywheel, which thanks to the OPTIMIZED POWER technology works like a 10 kg wheel, which increases the effectiveness of exercises,
  • is an extremely durable equipment for cardio training - a solid structure was made of the highest quality materials,
  • provides the possibility of up to 24-levels smooth and automatic resistance adjustment, thanks to which you can precisely adapt the intensity to your expectations,
  • allows you to monitor working time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, total mileage and heart rate on a large display with space for a phone or tablet.
GRADIOR + is a magnetic bike which, thanks to the use of excellent technical parameters and modern functions, gives even more training possibilities. With it, losing unnecessary kilograms, improving the condition and strengthening the muscles will be even easier! Especially that Spokey GRADIOR + is a stationary bike that can be easily adapted to the individual needs of the exerciser - both in terms of the current form and height of the user. It has an adjustable saddle vertically (from 70 to 100 cm) and horizontally, the ability to change the angle of the handlebar and a lot of functions that will make training no longer a chore but a pleasure.  

Comfortable and effective training at home

The Spokey GRADIOR + stationary exercise bike is an ideal alternative for outdoor and gym training. With it, you can exercise whenever you want - at times that are right for you and regardless of the weather. It works very quietly, and it will fit perfectly into any interior. It will give your room an elegant, sober look and make your gym complete. No wonder why the GRADIOR + is the hit of home cardio training. It is primarily an extremely solid, durable structure made of the highest quality materials, created for people who set themselves ambitious goals, and at the same time focus on comfort, safety and equipment design.  

24-levels flywheel resistance adjustment

The modern construction and technologies used in the Spokey GRADIOR + bike increase the efficiency of the flywheel (OTPIMIZED POWER), which weighs 8 kg and works like a 10 kg wheel. Its resistance can be controlled with a smooth, automatic and up to 24-levels regulation, so whether you are just starting training or you are an experienced athlete, you will adapt the intensity to your expectations and current condition. But that's not all the improvements! The upright exercise bike is equipped with a tablet or smartphone holder, with which you can watch your favorite series and movies during training, and your playlist will always be with you. There are pulse sensors on the handles, the control of which is very important for effective training. In addition, the display allows you to check the training time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned, current heart rate and total mileage. GRADIOR + is the perfect home workout with real effects!  

Ultramodern exercise bike

In the Spokey GRADIOR + magnetic bike, we have used a number of amenities that distinguish it from standard models and affect the quality and effectiveness of exercises. Its main advantage is the automatic braking system of the AUTOSLOW flywheel, which allows for gradual and effective deceleration during the end of training. For safety purposes, the heartbeat control system (HRC) and power control (WATT) were also used. It is also worth highlighting 8 training programs, an additional user and 1 manual. People who want to lose weight can benefit from the fast fat burning system (Body FAT).  

Technologies used:

  • AUTOSLOW: safe deceleration thanks to the smooth braking system with the flywheel.
  • TOTAL WORK: modern design and applied technology increase the efficiency of the flywheel.
  • DARK LINE: line of fitness equipment in dark tones. Dominant black and graphite will give your home gym an elegant, subdued look. Red accessories add an individual character to the devices.

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More Information
SKU 928657
Weight [kg] 30.500000
Shipping Type standard
Color Black, Gray
Manufacturer SPOKEY
Box length [cm] 85
Box hight [cm] 63
Box width [cm] 28
Width [cm] 28

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