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Spokey HARDY massage gel ball:

  • is a universal device that is used to massage the tense muscles of the shoulders, neck, calves or feet, as well as to strengthen the muscles of the hands,
  • it is small, so you will have it with you anytime and anywhere,
  • it can be used as an anti-stress and relaxation ball.
If you are looking for a device that will help you get rid of muscle tension and at the same time provide relief for sore feet, shoulders, hands or calves, choose a Spokey HARDY massage gel ball. It is a small device that has great power: the action of the ball consists in applying pressure to points and massaging the area that causes pain. Such a massage instantly relieves tension, soothes ailments and overloaded parts of the body. HARDY can also be used as an anti-stress and relaxation ball - all you need to do is squeeze it rhythmically in your hand.

Two in one: stress ball and massage ball

Spokey HARDY gel ball massager was created for self-massage of each part of the body. It is small (its diameter is 6,5 cm), so you can always have it with you! It will fit in any bag or backpack. It can be used to accelerate the regeneration of massaged muscles before, during and after training. Thanks to the use of the gel, it is also perfect for strengthening the hand muscles. The use of a massage ball helps in the fight against cellulite, supports skin regeneration and reduces and then eliminates post-workout pain.

More Information

More Information
SKU 929940
Weight [kg] 0.164000
Shipping Type standard
Color Green
Kod_EAN 5902693299400
Manufacturer SPOKEY
Box length [cm] 36
Box hight [cm] 36
Box width [cm] 15.6
Width [cm] 7

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