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Exercise bike (18 kg flywheel) Spokey SHOTO

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Spokey SHOTO is a professional exercise bike.

  • Our smart exercise bike has vertical and horizontal adjustments of the saddle, as well as the height of the handlebar, which allows you to precisely adapt the settings to individual needs.
  • This indoor exercise bike model is equipped with a flywheel, which weighs as much as 18 kg, with which you will achieve maximum exercise results. If you are interested in how the flywheel weight affects the efficiency of exercise bike riding, you can read about it here.
  • This upright exercise bike is an extremely durable cardio training equipment - solid construction was made of the highest quality materials.
exercise bike Spokey Shoto

Cycling as a daily exercise.

  • Our exercise bike allows you to accurately measure your pulse using the chest cardio belt.
  • Impressive exercise bike has a drive system on a chain - a solution that is used in professional exercise bikes.
  • This upright bike is designed with the ability to adapt exercises to your needs and current condition with smooth resistance adjustment and a large number of training programs.
  • This smart bike is equipped with Bluetooth, which allows, among other things, to connect to the dedicated partner app called ICONSOLE + application, which gives even more training options and data on your progress. You do not need an app subscription to use it.
  • SHOTO bikes are specially designed for all home training enthusiasts who set ambitious goals.
exercise bike Spokey Shoto

Bike workout make your life longer.

  • It is an ergonomic, top-class spinning bike which, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, modern technological solutions and unique design, will make training a pleasure. With SHOTO bike you don't have to leave the apartment to improve your condition or shape your figure.
  • Regular exercise on the Spokey SHOTO training bike allows you to quickly burn fat and improve overall condition.
  • The Spokey SHOTO exercise bike is an excellent alternative to outdoor training: you can exercise at home so that you do not have to wait for your turn at the gym, and above all - SHOTO premium exercise bikes are right for you and regardless of the weather! If you are interested in how the cycling make your life longer, you can read about it here. Of course, the article talks about cycling outside, but if you work remotely or live in a crowded city, the stationary bike will be a great alternative.
exercise bike Spokey Shoto

Exercise bike reduces your weight and stress.

  • The flywheel weight (18 kg) makes the exercises even more effective.
  • Regardless of the level of advancement, thanks to the smooth adjustment of resistance, you can precisely adjust its level to your skills just like real-life road biking.
  • 5 target programs and 1 with a trainer allow both beginners and experienced athletes to train. This is why the Spokey SHOTO spinning bike is the best assistant in slimming the figure, modeling the abdomen, strengthening the calves and thighs, and improving the efficiency of the respiratory system.
  • Reliable chain drive system SHOTO is an extremely durable cardio training equipment - a solid structure is made of the highest quality materials.
exercise bike Spokey Shoto

Indoor bikes is one the best cardio machine.

  • The training is as comfortable and convenient as possible thanks to the use of metal pedals with shoe holders. And for lovers of long, exhausting exercises, the bike is also equipped with a water bottle cage.
  • Accurate heart rate measurement with chest strap Training with the use of the Spokey SHOTO bike is a safe and proven way to strengthen muscles, improve condition or lose unnecessary kilograms.
  • With it, you can systematically and, above all, very accurately measure your pulse using the chest cardio belt.
  • In addition to the heart rate, the large console with tablet holder or space for a phone allows you to monitor exercise time, speed, distance, calories burned, revolutions per minute (RPM) and power (WATT).
  • What's more, the Spokey SHOTO mechanical bike is equipped with Bluetooth, which allows, among other things, to connect to the dedicated ICONSOLE + application, which provides even more training possibilities and data on your progress. If you are interested in which cardio machine is for you, you can read about it here.
exercise bike Spokey Shoto

Customize the settings as needed.

  • In the Spokey SHOTO spinning bike we have introduced a number of improvements that will affect the quality of each training.
  • We know how important it is during exercise to adjust the device to your own needs, which is why the SHOTO model is equipped with a vertical and horizontal adjustment of the saddle and an adjustable handlebar with two handles.
  • Thanks to the ability to freely adjust the settings to your height, the bike can be used by the whole family!
  • The built-in transport wheels will make it easier to move the equipment, so after finishing the training, you can easily place it wherever you want.
  • Technologies used SENSE-I: Safe training with pulse control.

Our exercise bike is not a budget bike but it is not between expensive bikes like technogym bike, apex bike or peloton exercise bike.

Technical data:

  • type of bike: spinning
  • flywheel weight: 18 kg
  • type of resistance: mechanical resistance
  • adjustment: smooth, manual
  • measurements: time, speed, distance, calories, RPM (revolutions per minute), WATT (power)
  • accurate pulse measurement: using the chest cardio belt
  • maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • adjustable seat height: 83 cm

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More Information
SKU 929815
Weight [kg] 43.500000
Shipping Type on the pallet
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Width [cm] 22.5

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